mis ensueños

(my daydreams)

Funny Little Poem I Wrote

Why Life Gives You Lemons

When life gives you lemons,

Make Lemoncello.

It’ll make you feel fine,

It’ll make you feel mellow.

But don’t drink too much,

That never is good.

Then you’ll be sloppy,

And misunderstood.

But one glass is fine,

Or maybe just two.

Just have to make sure

That you are still you.

And don’t get to four,

You could fall on the floor.

And before you know it,

You’ll be asking for more.

By seven or eight,

You’ve lost your mind.

You might as well quit,

The bathroom’s too hard to find.

And when you’ve lost count,

And when you can’t see,

Then you should lie down

And wish you only had three.


It’s Been a While!

Well, it’s Sumemr yet again! Maybe now that I have so much time, I’ll get back to this place. Here’s one for a homecoming present:

The Masters

The masters, they compare

simple things to more complex.

But I, my untrained eye,

have not done that.

Why do they make such metaphors?

When I write such, it sounds too planned.

Their words too hard to understand,

Their sentences winding round and round,

Their meanings hidden from life.

What good is a poem with no meaning?

I’d rather write to you and me,

with something there for you to see.

I guess they write what their minds do think –

An intricate web of thinking thinkers,

emotional drains of drinking drinkers,

but I’m not in on it.

Maybe my words are simple,

Maybe my thoughts are too,

But that is how I like it.

No fame, no fortune, maybe when I’m dead.

But until then, here it is, I’ll only write what’s in my head.

Love in Tercets

Love in Tercets

by me


The wondrous gift from up above,
The dream of which we all dream of,
Also known as undying love,
Unconditional and unrestrained,
The unrelenting unselfish thing,
Understood yet unexplained,
Sometimes unbearable all the same,
It grows unruly and all but tame,
Started only as a lonely flame,
A flicker and flare that grew and grew,
Into a blaze consuming you,
Evading lies and all untrue,
Until it stays and takes its place,
Inside your heart it makes a space,
Sneaking up without a trace,
Taking over heart and soul,
Fleeting but steady it takes control,
Lighting any darkened hole,
Without it life would wither and die,
Leaving one to wonder why,
Only if love should pass it by.
It is the answer to every question,
The most sought after rich obsession,
The cure to lonesome deep depression,
How is it that there’s not enough?
We need abundance of this stuff,
To set us right and make us tough,
And bring to all the world our peace,
To catch ourselves and then release,
Then hate and war will soon decrease.

Almost Forgot

Almost Forgot
By Amanda Kelly

The stockings are hung and all is in place,
Gifts covered in paper fill every space.
The scent of fresh pine and gingerbread linger,
The carols are loud and become every singer.
Beautiful colors and bows all around,
A fall of fresh snow all over the ground.
The lights are all strung and the toys are all bought,
But isn’t there something we forgot?

The children are smiling and writhing with joy,
Shaking each box for that one special toy.
Santa is coming, each of them know,
Their excitement is building, their faces aglow.
The family is here and all sharing their lives,
Greeting each other as a new one arrives.
Each member is sitting in his or her spot,
But isn’t there something we forgot?

The streets are adorned and lighting the way,
Jingle bells, holly, and of course Santa’s sleigh.
Hustling and bustling, the people are running,
That one perfect gift is sure to be stunning.
The parties are roaring with guests and their sweaters,
While children sit home and write Santa their letters.
They tiptoe downstairs and are sure to be caught,
But isn’t there something we forgot?

The One who deserves the praise and the glory,
The One who created the true Christmas story.
A small baby born on a cold winter’s night,
A star that guided and shone so bright.
The love and the peace that was born with this child,
The Angels who told of His mercy mild.
The lover of all of whom we are taught,
That’s the one thing we almost forgot.

Another Poem. Quite possibly my favorite.


By Amanda Kelly


Where only the sun reveals the time of day,

and sand washes away the clues of past times,

feet leave a temporary impression.

Where nothing is permanent and heat burns,

fresh rain only ruins fore made plans.

I have been here.


Where hills and trees and wildlife grow,

and land is older than man himself,

a trail winds its way wherever it chooses to take you.

Where the floor is made of dirt and mud,

the Ancient dwell in the future.

I have been here.


Where impossibility leads explanation,

and wonders greater than time appear,

Great pyramids peak over lifeless gold.

Where history lives in its greatest detail,

the past suggests a worthy coming.

I have been here.


Where peace exists and love does conquer,

and eyes that lie are scarce and pitied,

a heart goes freely into the wind.

Where passion breeds its children,

the souls of life rebel the darkness.

I have been here.

I Love my Job

One of the many, or one of the few? I love my job. Since May 30, my life has been changing pretty drastically. Yes, I realize it has only been 2 weeks, but if you spend 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week with the same people, you get to know them very well very quickly. My occupation as a camp counselor in the middle-of-no-where-blue-ridge-mountains is an extremely interesting one. It really takes a special kind of person to take on this job. My first week with five 13 and 14 year old girls was one of great learning and adjusting. Not only because my calf muscles are golden from a couple 12 mile hikes and walking around the mountainous campus for hours on end, but from the emotions displayed on the kids’ faces and the words that come out of their mouths. It’s so interesting to see young people interact with each other and get into their own personal “role” in the group so quickly. To watch them accomplish a complicated goal at the ropes course together after knowing each other for less than 24 hrs is both entertaining and fascinating. I love to watch people and learn about their personalities and how well they can mesh with others, and then facilitating a positive atmosphere for them to be themselves. My job is so much fun. I get to hike around the woods, camp out and cook dinner over the fire, swim in a beautiful creek, canoe in a valley where the sun sets over the mountains, sleep under the stars, and help young people grow in their faith and get to know who they really are inside, and who they want to become. What could be greater? However, it comes with a ton of responsibility. Playing mom and dad each week to five or six little girls away from home is not an easy task whatsoever. Getting kids to pay attention, hurry up, be quiet, go to sleep, not forget this or that… not to mention making the group happy when everyone wants to do something different. Compromising is a fine art. It’s stressful, challenging, exhausting, irritating, time-consuming, and confusing, but it’s also rewarding, fun, emotionally touching, amazing, awe-inspiring, and teaches me new things everyday. Yes, I get tired of the food. Yes, I get eaten up by bugs and stung by bees on a regular basis. Yes, my muscles are sore sometimes from running all over the place. But my heart is overflowing with joy. My mind is clogged with thoughts of how to let children know that Jesus loves them because this might be their only chance. And all I want to do is keep going, keep learning, and keep changing lives as mine is being changed. I have not only had an awesome time with my campers, I’ve also had an AMAZING time with my fellow counselors. We are each others’ strength, each others’ laughter, each others’ shoulder to cry on. We hold each other accountable, we give each other breaks, we support each other, and we recognize when one of us needs some reassurance or a smile. One of our chapels over looks the lake and is breath-taking in the evening when all you hear is nature at work. The special service held there once a week is not only refilling and meaningful to the campers, but it is all that and beyond for us staff members. I am so lucky to have a job like this. It is in almost every aspect of my life. Pray for me to continue to feel this way, and to give me strength to do everything I’m able to. Pray for the rest of the staff as we continue our summer trying to touch the lives of children one at a time. We’ll need it.


Existential Disarray (of the 4th dimension)

Have you ever wanted time to go by fast and slow at the same time? It’s an interesting emotion; I’m not sure there’s a word for it yet, so I’m calling it existential disarray (of the fourth dimension). A new, cutting edge scientific term used to describe feelings of anxiety and unrest on the subject of passing time. This will inevitably become an everyday term despite its multi-syllable, lengthy, tongue twisted-ness. I for one cannot come up with a reason as to why no one has entered a term with this definition into society yet, but here it is… go crazy. Don’t ask me how I came up with it, a magician never shares his tricks. All that matters is I’m suffering from the very item we have been discussing. I want time to hurry up and pass so I can get to those days I think matter the most, but I also want it to slow down and make those days last as long as absolutely possible. Sometimes I want it to freeze, others I wish I could travel thru it. There is no cure, no medication, no over-the-counter temporary remedy, no helpful treatment. So how do we live with this? We just do. One day at a time. With a little help from Jesus of course. I want to just relax and let time pass on its own sweet, well, time. But it’s near impossible with all the emotions and feelings we as humans naturally experience. I usually try to write with some insight or advice from past experiences, but this time I have none. I don’t know how to deal with this existential disarray, but I’m sure it’s just a part of life. We hurry up to wait. Hurry up to graduate, hurry up to fall in love, hurry up to have a family… you don’t have to hurry up for life, right? Yeah, while we’re on the subject of definitions, I looked up hurry: 1. the act of moving hurriedly and in a careless manner; 2. urge to an unnatural speed. Did you get that? Careless. Unnatural. Is that what we want out of life? I think not. Carefree, maybe, not careless. I am personally going to work on myself in this aspect. I don’t want life to rush by, so maybe I can calm myself down with this philosophy (yes, I said the p-word). So pray for me and I will pray for you, whomever you are.

My challenge is to stop and smell the roses, enjoy the sunshine or the rain. Make the most of life. I know, it sounds cliche, but it’s better than existential disarray of the fourth dimension.